There's no doubt handmade paper can be frustrating to work with, especially if you are foil printing. While this match has a reputation for being tricky, the combination is exquisite. We've combined our knowledge and experience from years of working with handmade paper and foil printing, something both our brands and individual aesthetics are known for, to create this all encompassing course. 

We are here to share our secrets, tips, and tricks to how we foil press on handmade paper achieving professional, consistent, results right from the comfort of our studio. 

They say handmade paper and foil printing is a labor of love...


Q: Where can I purchase a foil press?

A:  We share the exact make and model of our foil presses in this course, as well as where to purchase the same foil press we have and love. We both spent months researching the best foil press out there for fine art stationery, and are excited to not only share which press we use, but exactly how we use it! 

Q: Do I need a foil press to take this course?

A: Nope! Our course covers more than just foil printing, but also provides an in-depth dive into handmade paper. We share our favorite handmade paper brands, and how each paper reacts to foil printing. Whether you are foil printing in-house, or outsourcing it to your favorite print shop, the information in our course will increase your knowledge on how to achieve beautiful foil printing results on handmade paper.

Q: I'm not ready to invest in a professional foil press, is this course still applicable?

A: Yes! In fact, before we purchased our professional foil presses, we both worked with a small hobby press. The hobby press is a smaller investment and enables you to create foil printed paper goods. Starting with the hobby press is the exact approach we both used to build our businesses, and advertise foil printing services to future clientele.

Q: Where do I source foil materials like printing plates and foil rolls? 

A: Don't worry... we got you! We share exactly where we purchase our favorite foil supplies, and even walk you through exactly how we create and order printing plates. We don't hold anything back in this course from how we create our printing pins to step-by-step videos on how to load a foil roll on your machine and more.

Q: I am having a hard time sourcing handmade paper, do you have any recommendations?

A: Sourcing handmade paper can be tricky, especially with supply chain issues and stock inconsistencies! While we can't control the market, we share every single handmade paper vendor we use for client orders. That way if Plan A doesn't work, you have a Plan B... all the way down to a Plan G. 

Q: I struggle with inconsistent print results when working with foil and handmade paper - will this course help?

A: This is the bread and butter of our course! After years of inconsistent print results from different print studios, we decided to take measures into our own hands. Collectively, we have spent years researching how to achieve consistent foil printing on handmade paper results. Our course breaks down exactly how we do this time and time again - while tackling everything from achieving deep impressions, to handling over-foilage and under-foilage. 

Q: I live outside of the states, does this course still apply to me?

A:  You bet! The material in our course is invaluable no matter where your business is located. Both the professional foil press and hobby press we work with can accommodate varying electrical and voltage requirements. In addition, many of the press suppliers and handmade paper companies we recommend and work with ship worldwide. 

Q: Do you cover other printing services than just foil printing?

A: Yes! Our foil presses are capable of blind debossing and embossing. As such, both print methods are covered in our course along with foil printing. However additional print services like digital printing and letterpress printing are not covered in this course.

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