No. 01

a stationer's guide to
flatlay styling

Discover what stationers everywhere wish photographers and planners knew...

Our original Cultivé course is designed to help you cultivate your own styling and photography skills by walking you through our exact process on how we transformed our own lackluster, blown-out, upsetting flatlays into publication worthy pieces. 

No. 02

a stationer's guide to
foil printing & handmade paper

The say handmade paper and foil printing is a labor of love... We're here to make the process easier.

Our second Cultivé course is designed to help you cultivate your own foil printing and handmade paper skills by walking you through the mechanics of our printing processes,  how we set up print files, pressing, and our favorite handmade paper brands.


[kyl-ti-vey] : french for cultivated

Cultivé is the educational resource guides created by two wedding stationers - Mikyla Marie Manu of Ink & Press Co. and Shasta Bell of Shasta Bell Calligraphy.
Collectively we've spent years cultivating our own skills from flatlay styling to foil printing on handmade paper.

French for "cultivated", we’re here to share our knowledge with you from transforming a lackluster flatlay into a publication worthy piece, and the logistics of foil printing on handmade paper.




I'm Shasta Bell. I began my journey into the world of calligraphy and handmade invitations while living in West Africa. Unable to take my trusty sewing machine with me, a pencil and sketchpad became the perfect creative outlet.  

A year after our own wedding, I walked into a friend's house and saw our DIY calligraphed wedding invitation, neatly displayed on her entry table, too lovely, she said, to throw away. That moment changed it all. What better way to spend my days than slow-crafting heirloom pieces in the middle of this fast-paced digital world.

shasta bell calligraphy

I'm Mikyla Marie Manu. I began my stationery journey as a bride-to-be myself. I am passionate about meaningful design and draw my greatest inspiration from the works of my favorite artists.

Since beginning Ink & Press Co., I have had the privilege to
work with couples all over the world. I have found time and time again the couples I work with encompass art in its purest
form - love. I am devoted to my art but above all, I cherish the opportunity I have to document a couple's love through a tangible heirloom that endures.


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