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As both wedding stationers and film photographers we know first hand the frustration that can surround flatlay styling. As stationers, we know how bumming it can be to pour your heart into a suite only to receive a poorly styled flatlay image. And as film photographers, we know how hard it can be to style and photograph paper goods -- especially on the fly and in high pressure situations weddings often present. 

This is why we created Cultivé. We are here to help you cultivate your own styling skills by walking you through exactly  how we transformed our own lackluster, blown-out, upsetting flatlays into eye-catching pieces. 

We've been in your shoes...


Learn how we turn this...


and this...


- unplanned styling
- unbalanced
- distracting vertical stacking
- uneven lighting
- poor edit and cropping




- unintentional layout
- unrelated props
- flat, with no dimension
- terrible lighting
- poor edit


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Q: Do I need to have a film camera to get something out of this course?  

A: Not at all! While film photography is our personal preferred format (mind you we have very different camera gear!), a film camera is not required for this course. We both photograph just as many flatlay images we took on our iPhones as we do our film cameras. Whether you're an iPhone shooter, digital, or film photographer the editing tips and tricks, as well as the rest of the course content, apply! 

Q: Do you talk about lighting? 

A: You bet we do! Lighting plays such an importance in the success of a flatlay so it is one topic we definitely talk about in our course. We teach how to find great light, and what to do if your lighting isn't always ideal. 

Q: Flowers are frustrating, how do I get them and how do I use them? 

A: We feel you on this. While flowers always add such a lovely touch to flatlays, they can be difficult to use and hard to source. In our course we show how to style flatlays with and without flowers. And, if you are using flowers, are tips on where to source them and how to use them! 

Q: Do you talk about what settings you use on your camera for flatlays? 

A: Honestly, this is something we PREACH! We both have strong opinions on what settings work best for flatlays to ensure detail retention and your whites are not blown-out. We share our camera settings candidly, and we are crossing our fingers this is one detail people take to heart! 

Q: I'm not a stationer, I shoot jewelry - will this be helpful?  

A: Cultivé focuses primarily on how to style invitation suite flatlays. With that being said, a lot of the content in our videos apply regardless of what you are styling! How to style impactful layouts, photograph and edit your images, etc. are all topics we teach that apply regardless of the item you are styling.

Q: I struggle with speed. Do you teach how to style when dealign with wedding day time constraints? 

A: Styling on the go is definitely tricky to do! Especially when eye-catching flatlays take time to create. We talk about how to plan for flatlays, our philosophy when styling, and what to prep ahead of time so you show up to the wedding day ready to style with confidence. In addition we have created Cultivé Blueprint, a PDF guide with 75 different flatlay blueprints you can reference when styling. These blueprints give you pre-designed layouts for single cards to full invitation suites.

Q: Do you talk about sourcing props and building a styling kit? I have a hard time knowing which pieces to invest in. 

A: Yes! When we were first budding stationers, we both splurged on unnecessary props and styling items because they "looked pretty." In our course, we teach how to curate a styling collection that is versatile and timeless, knowing when to splurge and when to DIY, and share all our favorite places to shop for those perfect styling elements. 

Q: Finding the right placement, composition and balance is hard for me. Is this something you teach?  

A: This is the bread and butter of Cultivé! As both wedding stationers and film photographers, we have spent years refining our styling skills. We've seen, received, and even created some really terrible flatlays ourselves before digging deep into the details of hot to style paper goods. Theres no room for shame in this course, we are all about growth and grace, and we are excited to share the styling secrets and skills we've cultivated over the years!

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